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Rail Supply Group SME Council appoints JLR’s David Woakes

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Jonathan Lee Recruitment’s group business development manager, David Woakes, has been appointed as a representative of the Rail Supply Group SME Council. 

The Rail Supply Group (RSG) formed the RSG SME Council, a group made up of UK rail industry SMEs, in recognition of the significant contribution and further contribution SMEs can have to the rail industry and wider economy. SMEs form a key part of the rail sector and, with further access, could help deliver a transformative ‘world leading’ transport network - creating a brand that can be exported across the world.

David Woakes explains: “The RSG SME Council sets to facilitate SMEs with better access to the rail sector, working closely with industry, Network Rail and government to improve supply chain links with train operating companies, OEMs, tier 1 suppliers and larger businesses across the rail industry. In essence, we want the rail sector to harness and rapidly deploy the innovative solutions SMEs can offer.

“My experience of working in industry as an engineer, before transitioning to a career in recruitment has placed me in good stead to influence the group, particularly when it comes to addressing skills.”

SMEs vital to rail supply chain future

The RSG SME Council conducted a workshop earlier in the month to identify how the SME supply chain can be incorporated into a new ‘Rail Sector Deal’; a deal that is due to be lobbied to government on behalf of the entire UK rail industry.

The proposed Rail Sector Deal will offer an opportunity for government and the supply chain to engage directly and shape the future direction of rail investment and delivery. The deal could deliver improved productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction and value for money benefits across the sector.

Success would inevitably lead to higher employment in the sector, an increase in exports, sustained investment in skills and economic benefits for the entire UK.  

Proposals are currently being formulated to demonstrate how SMEs can deliver unrivalled customer experience by leveraging technology, innovation, reliability, capacity, cross sector collaboration, skills legacy and sustainable solutions.

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Listed below are the 24 individuals that make up the RSG SME Council, with the photo at the top of the page capturing representatives present at the workshop on 2nd August 2017.

David Greenwell, PRB Consulting 
Peter Pollock, Rail Industry Association and LPA
David Brookes, Elite KL Ltd 
Simon Higgens MBE, ISS Labour Ltd
Andrew Gee, AMCL Systems Engineering Ltd 
Ben Blackwall, Engineering Improvement Ltd
Lorna Gibson, QTS Group 
Mike Burns, Linbrooke Services Ltd
Anne Wilson MBE, Numill Ltd 
Gary Khristensen, K2RCM Ltd
Abi Broadley, Aquarius Railroad Technologies Ltd 
Mark Lindhal, Bridgeway Consulting Ltd
Phil Storr, MRL Ltd 
Paul Capener, XEIAD Ltd
John Stevens, Excalibur Screwbolts Ltd 
David Woakes, Jonathan Lee Recruitment
Colin Campbell, Steel Line Ltd 
Richard Carr, Mechan Ltd 
Elaine Clark, Rail Forum East Midlands 
Lisa Webb, Van Elle Ltd
Colin Flack, Rail Alliance 
Joseph Infante, CPC Project Services LLP
Paul McSharry, Kilborn Consulting Ltd 
Geoff Banks, RTC Group plc